There are Seven Hall of residence at the polytechnic main Campus five (5) for male and two for female
    For male
  • Sardauna Hall
  • Sultan Hall
  • Waziri Hall
  • Magajin Gari Hall
  • Magajin Rafi Hall
  • For Female
  • New Female Hostel A
  • New Female Hostel B


Similarly, in the Farfaru Campus (College of A Admisstration) the Halls of residence are four (4), Two for male and two for female
    For male
  • Sardauna Hall
  • Sultan Hall
  • For Female
  • Nana Asma'U Hall
  • New Female Hostel
The new female Hostels main Campus


How To Apply for a Hostel

Insure that, you pay your registration fee and colleted admission number from your Department.
Click on Apply Link.
Type Your admission Number in the space provided.
Click on Go button.
Fill in the registration form that display with the required details.
Click on Book button .
Upload your image in Next Step and click on upload button.
Print the new page that contain your hostel booking details and go to Specified Bank to pay your hostel fee.
Take your payment slip collected from the pay bank to Student's affairs division to comfirm your booking.

Rules & Regulation

  1. No student will be provided with lodging if he/her does not pay for it.
  2. No refund of money after payment.
  3. Students are not allowed to remain in residence during vacations.
  4. A students allocated a room is allowed to move in to the room a day before the beginning of the session and move out on the last day of session.
  5. Allocation of hostel accommodation is a privilege and not right; therefore, registered students could be given accommodation only when available.
  6. Squatting is illegal and not allowed. Only those who are allocated rooms have right of occupancy.
  7. Students are absolutely responsible for the facilities provided in their rooms and are therefore liable to the full cost of replacement or repairs in case of damage or lose.
  8. Stealing, fighting and other anti-social behaviors are strictly prohibited in the hostel. Conducting oneself in any manner likely to tarnish the image of the institution will earn one instant ejection from the hostel.
  9. Smoking, storing and consumption of alcoholic drinks, use of hard drugs are prohibited.
  10. Any breach of peace or any social nuisance in the hostel should be reported to the Students Affaires division.
  11. Cooking is not allowed in the rooms and corridors except in the laundry and other designated area.
  12. Students are not allowed to use private radios which should be played not low volume or sound so as not to inconvenience others.
  13. Connection/extension to electrical supply is not allowed.
  14. Use of electrical appliance such as electric cooker, heater, pressing iron etc. must be restricted to the Students laundry or any other designated area.
  15. Student is not allowed to temper with any electrical fitting in the hostel and should report electrical faults promptly.
  16. It is strictly prohibited for any female student to entertain a male visitor anywhere within the hostel premises.
  17. Female student may receive female visitors in their rooms between 8:00am to 6:00pm only.
  18. Female student are not allowed in the male hostel.
  19. It is strictly prohibited for male student to bring female visitors in and around the hostel.
  20. Female hostel should be closed by 12:00am daily.
  21. Male student may receive male visitors in their rooms between 8:00pm to 6:00pm such visitors are not allowed to pass the night in the hostel without permission from the Students Affairs Division
  22. Visitors will not to be allowed into the rooms of their host/hostess unless they are accompanied by their host/hostess. Hosts/Hostess are responsible for the conduct of their visitors in the hostel.
  23. Visitors are not allowed into the hostel after 6:00pm.
  24. It is important of all occupants to maintain a clean and tidy environment at all times.
  25. Any student who decided on his/her own to withdraw from the hostel or is expelled by the hostel authority from hostel or from the college, will not be entitle to any refund by the institution.
  26. Students are not allowed to remove any of the facilities provided from one hostel to another.
  27. Membership of secret cult is strictly prohibited, and will incur outright dismissal and prosecution.
  28. Any student who has complained against another student should notify his hall Admin/Governor Division.
  29. Pets are not allowed in the hostel in the hostel
  30. Under no circumstances should any student, insult, embarrass, and/or humiliate any member of the college staff. Any genuine grievances against staff should be routed through the appropriate channel.
  31. All students should dress in a decent manner.
  32. All students must subject themselves to rigorous checks by the security personnel whenever required.