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Aminu A. Ibrahim, B.G. Danshehu

In this study, a performance evaluation was carried out on three models of improved wood mud stoves respectively developed by Sokoto Energy Research Centre (SERC), Centre for Renewable Energy Research (CeRER) and OXFARM, in comparison with a traditional three stone stove. The three models of the stove - SERC, CeRER and OXFARM were subjected to water boiling and cooking tests using a biomass fuel (wood ? fueled heating system). Though the results have indicated a good performance values in terms of percentage heat utilization of the stoves relative to the traditional three stone model of cooking and water heating. However, a lot of improvements needs to be considered. The models can be one pot model or multiple pot model. In this study, a single pot model is considered for the design for SERC, CeRER and OXFAM models. The results showed that ONE-POT OXFARM model has the lowest thermal efficiency values for both water boiling and cooking tests compared to other models. Keywords: woodstove; model; performance; water boiling; controlled cooking; testing.

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