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Musa Ibrahim Kamba and Zayyanu Umar, Mansur Aliyu

There have been various efforts made to improve the completeness and coverage of enrolment statistics of pupils into the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme in Nigeria. However, the achievements recorded until now are minimal as enrolment of pupils into UBE schools is still below 40 percent. This low admission intake is mostly due to the facts that, the UBE management takes registration activities manually and most times, exposed to security threats and not adequately reported. In other for enrolment statistics to provide the required legal, administrative goals, meet up with its established aims and objectives and help the government in making future policies that will affect its growth positively, the level of enrolment coverage and completeness is required to reach at least 90 percent enrolment. Reasons for such unsatisfactory results are numerous. Prominent among them include lack of universal and comprehensive registration system for admission into UBE schools. Base on the preceding, the web-based enrolment statistics and forecasting system for registration and data retrieval on enrolment of pupil into the UBE programme in Nigeria will enable the Universal Basic Education Commission to capture and forecast pupils enrolment data in the existing schools registered under the UBE programme in the North West states geo-political Zone of the federation, through online forms filled and submitted by users. The application was created using Hypertext Pre-Processor (PHP), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Java Scripts technologies and HyperTextMarkup Language (HTML) as the front end and MYSQL database as the backend. The result of this project work is recommended to assist Government in the decision making of future policies that will enhance the growth and development of UBE programme in the country.

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