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Musa Umar, Ibrahim Bawale, Tukur Alkali Sokoto

Nigeria will continue to develop in technology as long as they rely on their fabrications to solve domestic problems. One of the famous foods cultivated by farmers in Nigeria, especially northern part of the country is guinea corn, maize, and millet. They are used for a different variety of food both solid and liquid food. After harvesting these type of plants, the part of the residue is stemmed. In most cases, these residues are left to waste and store them in a dangerous method. It is worth to note that these stems are still useful even though they are not put to better use. They can be processed and used as feeds for animals. This processing, if not done with fully dry stems, it can result in a negative way and be of harm to the animals. In order to benefit the valuable things from them and avoid their side effects, a good design tool for the processing is needed, such as machines that can safely grind and process the feeds in a hygienic way. This design is aimed at fabricating a machine that can grind and process them into healthy and economical form, they turn into powder and package them in sacks.

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